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Re: [Linux-cluster] proper way to setup NFS

On Wed, 2006-01-25 at 21:04 -0700, Ryan Thomson wrote:
> Hi,
> The "correct" way, as far as I understand it, is to:
> 1. Add IP.
> 2. Add your FS resource, be that a "File System" or "GFS" resource
> 3. Make/Add an "NFS Export" resource as a child of the resource from step
> 1, the name is purely symbolic
> 4. Make/Add an "NFS Client" resource as a child of the newly created "NFS
> Export" resource, enter the IP/IP range/hostnames you wish to access this
> resource (same as field 2 in /etc/exports) and the export options you want
> to use (the part in parenthese or field 3 in /etc/exports) in
> corresponding fields of the "NFS Client" configuration dialog box.
> 5. Save, (Re)Start Service
> Now, don't quote me on that as being the "correct" way but it did work for
> me.

That's correct, Ryan.  If you modified an existing service, you don't
even have to restart it.  Rgmanager will calculate the deltas in the
resource trees and start all the newly-added resources (or links)
automatically (...and stop any that you removed, for that matter...).

* The nfsexport resource primarily handles starting NFS daemons if
they're not running, but it never stops the NFS daemons (we'll see why
in a minute).

* The nfsclient sends exports to the kernel and removes them. 

Stopping the NFS daemons will kill *all* NFS exports, clustered and
non-clustered, in one shot.  This precludes having multiple, independent
cluster NFS services, as well as having cluster-managed and
non-cluster-managed NFS exports on the same system.

Basically, an nfs service should look like:


-- Lon

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