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[Linux-cluster] using GNBD with other cluster filesystem


I am new to the clusters in Linux.

I am trying to work with Oracle 10g RAC.
I came to know that GFS is not supported with oracle 10g
so i cannot use GFS with oracle 10g ,so can i use some other FS like
OCFS2 with GNBD server exporting this fileysystem.

i know the best thing is to try out the same but i do not have access
to a test machine right now

The main intention of using GNBD was to replace the required shared
storage device in a 2 node Oracle RAC setup.

Also as NBD can export RAW devices so i think GNBD will atleast allow
me to use RAW devices.(but this is the last thing that i will like to

any insight in this respect will be highly usefull

PS. i am going for this setup not for production  use but for learning
about the Cluster thing in the Oracle 10g RAC and as i do not have a
shared storage device so i an looking for a replacement with GNBD/NBD.



my site:http://www.gnulinuxclub.org
my blog:http://linux4all.blogspot.com
my project:http://masand.sourceforge.net

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