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RE:[Linux-cluster] using GNBD with other cluster filesystem

I had not exlored about using iSCSI with Oracle RAC.
i am now looking into that more seriously.(pl. pass on any links if u have )

Yes, since this is only for testing purposes,so i do not intend to use
multiple GNBD servers so i would not require to use the -c (caching)



>If you use gnbd to export storage, the gnbd clients should view this as a
>regular shared block device. You are definitely able to put other filesystems
>on top of GNBD... with some caveats. GNBD is tied pretty closely with the
>RHCS cluster manager. The only way you can export devices uncached is with
>a cluster set up.  If you don't need to export uncached devices, you can use
>the -n (no cluster) option to avoid setting up a RHCS cluster.

>When devices are exported in cached mode, reads will use the buffer cache on
>the GNBD server. This is a problem if you want to use the exported block device
>directly on the server, or want to export the same shared storage device from
>multiple gnbd servers. If you aren't doing either of those, you should be able
>to use the -n option.


>Another alternative would be to use iscsi, with a software iscsi target.

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