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Re: [Linux-cluster] verbose clurgmgrd output?

On Mon, 2006-01-30 at 17:20 -0500, Greg Forte wrote:
> Is there any way to get clurgmgrd to output more verbosely, esp. 
> whatever messages there might have been from scripts it's managing? 
> I've got several cluster services that don't behave properly, in one 
> case if I run the script manually (i.e. sudo /etc/init.d/scriptname), it 
> works fine, but when clurgmgrd trys it says it "returned 1 (generic 
> error)".  Another appears to run perfectly fine (no error output from 
> clurgmgrd), but as soon as it's up the manager stops it again, then 
> repeats the cycle.  Again, running it manually works fine.  These are 
> homespun scripts, so it's quite possible I'm missing something basic, 
> but I can't figure out what (obviously ;-)

Hi Greg,

Try adding log_level="7" to the <rm> tag if you're using current
STABLE/RHEL4 branches (don't forget to update the configuration
version).  Note that older versions of the resource scripts don't have
much in the way of logging.

Also, you can run "clurgmgrd -d", but that requires a restart.

As an alternative -- you can run fun tests on the service manually:

clusvcadm -d <servicename>  (service must be disabled!)

rg_test test /etc/cluster/cluster.conf start service <servicename>
rg_test test /etc/cluster/cluster.conf status service <servicename>
rg_test test /etc/cluster/cluster.conf stop service <servicename>

(p.s. Say 'Hi' to mikeyp and monogoose for me if you see them. ^.^)

-- Lon

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