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Re: [Linux-cluster] (no subject)

On Wed, 2006-01-25 at 15:18 -0600, Hong Zheng wrote:
> Hi, all
> My configuration is as follows: two directors configured as LVS-NAT or
> LVS-DR, 4 GFS nodes as application servers which serve telnet and HTTP
> services, 1 GNBD node which has iSCSI connection to our shared storage
> server and 1 lock_gulm server. And before we ordered GFS we just used
> nfs mount to a file server which is currently a GNBD, but the
> performance is so slow for a certain application, since this
> application has multiple loops to access large number of data. We
> thought GFS is much more powerful than NFS, but not now. Do you have
> any idea to tune GFS performance or better configuration for such a
> situation?

I don't understand your situation, but it the iSCSI -> GNBD -> GFS is
overly complex; part of the point of GFS is that you do not need a
"server" like that.

You should be able to to just use iSCSI from all GFS nodes directly,
without the intermediary GNBD server.

Just to note, the GNBD server and the single gulm master both present
single points of failure, as well.

-- Lon

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