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[Linux-cluster] NFS failover w/tcp

Title: NFS failover w/tcp

I am trying to overcome some timeo issues with NFS on RHEL3 systems mounting a share
from a RHEL3 cluster. I have both RHEL2.1 machines and RHEL3 machines using this share.

The RHEL2.1 machines have no problems, the RHEL3 clients however are experiencing way
too many timeouts for comfort. I have approximately 200 client machines doing mostly reads
and some occasional updates which are very small. I''d like to use tcp as the transport for NFS
but due to the tcp session etc. it doesn't fail back nicely. That is to say, I can fail over by moving
the nfs services manually, and the client (to my surprise) makes the adjustment. When I move the
nfs service back to the original server, the client hangs.

I've tried doing various things with timeo and retrans options as well as hard mounting etc. I am
also going to increase the thread count from the default 8 to 32 or 64 to see if that helps.

The overall question boils down to this….

Can I use tcp from the client to mount RHEL3 nfs shares reliably. Is there something special that
that needs to be done?

I know there has been a lot of talk on this and the devel mailing list about NFS shares under the
newer clusterring methods and RHEL4 and beyond, but what are people doing with RHEL3?


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