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[Linux-cluster] AoE does not discover

Hello all!

Anyone here use AoE? I cannot seem to find an AoE specific mailing list. Not sure I want to bother the Coraid folks since I am not using Coraid equipment. Is there a better place for this query? I am so close to getting my cluster mounted with root (and then Xen domains) on AoE but my initrd is having problems getting AoE set up. I am using kernel vmlinuz-

AoE is compiled in statically.

/sys/module/aoe/parameters/ contains a file called aoe_iflist

AoE is mentioned in the dmesg when it boots.

/sys/module/aoe/parameters/aoe_iflist contains the active
ethernet interface. If I echo interface names into /dev/aoe/interfaces
they appear in /sys/module/aoe/parameters/aoe_iflist so I know aoe is loaded and doing something.

But when I do echo 1 > /dev/aoe/discover nothing happens.

Nothing in the dmesg etc. Not sure where to go from here.
I have vblade running on another machine which is directly connected to the diskless cpu node. No hub or switch involved, just cross connected ethernet. If I run tethereal on the vblade machine looking for some sort of AoE related traffic I see nothing coming across the wire. I do see dhcp requests coming from that interface when the box boots due to PXE trying to find a server on that interface etc. So I know the physical ethernet link is good.

There really isn't much written about AoE. It's so simple that it seems like there shouldn't be much to write about.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Tracy R Reed                  http://ultraviolet.org
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