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Re: [Linux-cluster] AoE does not discover


have you try to compile aoe as a module and load it form your intrd ?


Tracy R Reed schrieb:
> Hello all!
> Anyone here use AoE? I cannot seem to find an AoE specific mailing
> list. Not sure I want to bother the Coraid folks since I am not using
> Coraid equipment. Is there a better place for this query? I am so
> close to getting my cluster mounted with root (and then Xen domains)
> on AoE but my initrd is having problems getting AoE set up. I am using
> kernel vmlinuz-
> AoE is compiled in statically.
> /sys/module/aoe/parameters/ contains a file called aoe_iflist
> AoE is mentioned in the dmesg when it boots.
> /sys/module/aoe/parameters/aoe_iflist contains the active
> ethernet interface. If I echo interface names into /dev/aoe/interfaces
> they appear in /sys/module/aoe/parameters/aoe_iflist so I know aoe is
> loaded and doing something.
> But when I do echo 1 > /dev/aoe/discover nothing happens.
> Nothing in the dmesg etc. Not sure where to go from here.
> I have vblade running on another machine which is directly connected
> to the diskless cpu node. No hub or switch involved, just cross
> connected ethernet. If I run tethereal on the vblade machine looking
> for some sort of AoE related traffic I see nothing coming across the
> wire. I do see dhcp requests coming from that interface when the box
> boots due to PXE trying to find a server on that interface etc. So I
> know the physical ethernet link is good.
> There really isn't much written about AoE. It's so simple that it
> seems like there shouldn't be much to write about.
> Any ideas? Thanks!

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