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Re: [Linux-cluster] AoE does not discover

Arnd Schmitter wrote:
/sys/module/aoe/parameters/aoe_iflist contains the active
ethernet interface. If I echo interface names into /dev/aoe/interfaces
they appear in /sys/module/aoe/parameters/aoe_iflist so I know aoe is
loaded and doing something.

But not on the network or ?

Right, it seems to be not talking on the network.

Normaly the aoe-driver should made a broadcast to discover all Server on
the net. If you cant see any Traffic on the Server then it looks like
that one of the Hosts Blocks the Networkpacket somewhere.

I have directly connected a machine to the machine that should be doing the aoe broadcast and I run tethereal on it and it sees nothing.

I am thinking maybe my hardware is messed up somehow. I have AoE working properly from my disk node to my desktop workstation so I know the technology works and that I have the server set up properly.

The server that cannot discover AoE devices is using a Tyan S2882-D Thunder K8SD Pro motherboard. Anyone know what ethernet drivers I should be using with this? It is very strange. It has two gigabit network ports. I understand it has a Broadcom gigabit chipset. But apparently it also has an Intel eepro10/100 chipset...maybe on only one of the ports. It is not clear. I cannot find any docs anywhere that explain this clearly. I originally booted it with the eepro10/100 chipset and that detected a network interface, but only one. And it did not seem to be able to do AoE discovery over that interface for whatever reason. I removed the intel driver and compiled the Broadcom NetXtreme II driver into the kernel and it did not detect any ethernet devices at all.

Is anyone using one of these boards? Care to tell me what driver you are using or exactly what kind of ethernet chipset it really has?

Tracy R Reed                  http://ultraviolet.org
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