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Re: [Linux-cluster] managed nfs service not calling nfsexport.sh & nfsclient.sh

Ramon van Alteren wrote:

I'm trying to set up a managed nfs service for my cluster.

Below is the relevant snippet from cluster.conf

The ipaddresses get added to the interface ok, however the nfs export never happens.
nfsd and the other daemons are running, I have no /etc/export

If I manually set the OCF_KEY_options etc. values in the environment (using export etc.) the scripts work. However if I start rgmanager, nothing happens (apart from the ipaddresses)

How do I find out where this goes wrong ?
Any pointers would be most welcome.

Forgot to add some (maybe) relevant information.

I'm trying to export a single directory which symlinks to several gfs filesystems. We're maintaining a number of shared storage devices totalling > 20Tb which we would like to export through nfs and preferable managed nfs.

The gfs filesystems themselves are working fine BTW.

Grtz Ramon

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