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Re: [Linux-cluster] ipmi fencing

Jie Gao wrote:

Hi All

I am trialing clustering and GFS on RHEL AS U4. I am using the ipmi
agent for fencing in a two-node setup.

I have noticed that the agent sends "power off" to the node to be
fenced. This is causes the node fenced to shut down uncleanly.

I'd rather that it used the "power soft" option first and then used
"power off" as the last resort.

After all, what good use a corrupt system can serve?



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Hard power off is done purposely. After all, what good is a cluster that doesn't fence a misbehaving node as quickly as possible? :)

I guess you could change line 210 in ipmilan.c to read:
"%s chassis power soft", cmd);
and then recompile,
which would do an acpi shutdown, if acpi is enabled, but I REALLY REALLY DON'T recommend this! We even recommend to users that acpi be disabled so that fencing can happen as quickly as possible - before your data on shared storage is toast.



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