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Re: R: [Linux-cluster] device offlined

Baesso Mirko wrote:
I've got 2 IBM server x336 2 LSI logic dual fc card, Fibre Channel: LSI Logic / Symbios Logic FC929X Fibre Channel Adapter
     Subsystem: LSI Logic / Symbios Logic 7202-XP-LC Dual Fibre Channel card

  Fusion MPT base driver
  Fusion MPT SCSI host driver

2 fibre switch EMulex EX355
1 Storage SAN Infortrend dual redundant controller A16F-R1211


Baesso Mirko - System Engineer
Via Lenin 132/26
56017  S.Martino Ulmiano (PI) - Italy
tel.+ 39 0 50 898369 fax. + 39 0 50 861200
baesso ksolutions it   http//www.ksolutions.it

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A: linux clustering
Oggetto: Re: [Linux-cluster] device offlined

Baesso Mirko wrote:

could you please let me known how to avoid device offlined on multipath environment.

I try to unplug primary fc channel for testing purpose but I receive a "scsi: device offlined" error. Even if I plug it back

Please let me known

I'm using latest multipath release 4.7 on redhat ES4 U2

We have the same problem but we use Fedora Core 4 (custom kernel 2.6.16 and multipath tools from the multipath web), QLogic HBA's and an IBM FasT SAN.
We couldn't figure out yet what's wrong.

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