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Re: [Linux-cluster] Oracle non-RAC database cluster

In fact, yes, I have that exact configuration. I assume you intend to operate in an active-passive mode, in which case, everything seems to work fine (at least, I haven't had any problems since I got it all working). Active-active would be a bad idea, for hopefully obvious reasons.

The biggest stumbling block was that you MUST set the hostname and ORACLE_HOSTNAME env var to the name of a "virtual" IP address that will always be associated with whichever machine is running oracle at the moment. And when starting the listener (though not the database, enterprise manager(s), or isqlplus, for some reason), you must temporarily change the node's hostname to that name (you can change it back as soon as the listener is started). Failure to do this during the install will cause you no end of grief later on, and there's no easy way to fix it afterwards (at least, I never found one).

For various reasons I decided to split up the startup process into separate components and separate cluster services, so I've got 4 init scripts (database, listener, em, isqlplus) and corresponding, independent cluster services. This may or may not be the smartest way to do things, but it seems to work. I'll send you my init scripts offline if you like - they're shameless hacks, but again, they seem to work. ;-)


linux70 comcast net wrote:
Does anyone run a non-RAC Oracle database cluster using Red Hat Cluster Suite. We are upgrading an older Solaris cluster that uses a Veritas Cluster management software which is very expensive. We would be running Oracle 10g, RHES4 and Red Hat Cluster Suite.
I don't see many references to this configuration so I am a little worried about building a non-standard database. Any input from those out there in cluster-land??

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