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[Linux-cluster] Unify or split different services across nodes?

Hi to ya all, this might be interesting question here...

We have fairly stable cluster now with 10 nodes running smtp and pop3.
We divided service across cluster so we have 6 smtp nodes and 4 pop3 nodes.

I'm not sure why this was the setup but it is ;)

Does anyone know is there performance penalty for such distribution of services or one unified node running both services (smtp+pop3) would somehow do better?

How i see this is that it is better to have one unified node both for better distribution when there is a higher load on one service and also easer replacement of failed nodes, but is there something related to how gfs is operating to support this theory?

I plan to conduct some light testing using three nodes in simulated workload environment to actually see is there a feasible difference or this is all marginal philosophy.

I think this also might be a good pointer when people do cluster planning so I'm anxious to here some comments ...

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