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[Linux-cluster] Backup File System

Presently we have a 3 node production GFS system for which I am creating a
backup system.  The production system has a hardware raid device attached as
the shared storage and I have a second virtually identical storage device
and host that I want to use for the backup.

The backup device and host will eventually be at a separate physical
location to the production system (once the two systems are syncronised) so
I don't want it to be part of the existing cluster.  In the event of failure
of the production storage, the simplest solution would be to physically
transfer the backup storage to the production environment and swap the

Can anyone suggest the best way to set up the backup file system?

If I used a one node cluster as the backup, would it be a) possible to
convert the locking from nolock to dlm?  and b) Convert the ClusterName and

Is it possible to convert other file systems to GFS ones so that no cluster
infrastructure is needed for the backup?


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