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[Linux-cluster] Redhat Cluster Suite and PostgreSQL


I am new to this list and wanting to know if anyone is running Redhat Cluster Suite 3 and PostreSQL. We are converting from a Progress Database to a PostgreSQL Database. I have mulitple postmasters running various databases and each database is defined as a service under the cluster suite. I am running Redhat ES 3.0 Update 7 using Dual Opterons with 8GB RAM. I am using a failover solution so I have two servers primary/secondary and a shared data silo connected via fibre. I have various questions regarding clustering using the above mentioned cluster suite. One of my first questions is does the each service defined under the cluster suite need a seperate service ip. Also I have remote power switches installed on this server does this replace using software watchdog timers or is this used in conjunction with.


John Allgood

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