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[Linux-cluster] gfs_tool gettune


I am testing GFS 6.1 and have a question about the gettune command of gfs_tool.
If I do
gfs_tool setflag inherit_directio my_directory
gfs_ttol gettune my_directory
It displays :
new_files_directio = 0

It is the same thing with the inherit_jdata flag and new_files_jdata

So my question is : is there any relation between these flags and what gettune displays. Should'nt it display "new_files_directio = 1" ?

However, it seems that it impacts on the filesystem as my tests behave differently depending on these flags.
So, what are the tuneable options new_files_directio and new_files_jdata ?
Is there somewhere any doc about all the tuneable parameters ?

Best regards,


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