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Re: [Linux-cluster] Patch to gfs2_convert

Steven Dake wrote:

Your patch looks good to me.  One issue that could occur which I'm not
sure is handled is the failure of the conversion right during the gfs1
to gfs2 inode conversion.  Is it possible for half the data structure to
be converted then failure to occur causing the inode to be in a half-
converted state?  I don't know enough about the code to be sure of this

Hi Steve,

Again, thanks for your input.
With the convert tool, the inodes are converted into buffers and the buffers are eventually written out to disk, so either an inode is fully converted or not at all. The latest version of the gfs2_convert tool determines on a per-inode basis whether it has been converted or not, and converts it as appropriate. That way, conversions
that are interrupted may be safely resumed later.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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