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[Linux-cluster] [RFC] Transport independent Cluster service


I am right now working on ci-linux.sf.net project. The goal is to get
the code ready so that
projects like GFS and OCFS2 can start using the framework. CI/ICS
allows to build cluster service without worrying about the transport
mechanism used. With the OpenSSI project we had both IP and infiniband
transport and i belive it should be easy to implement one using sctp
or TIPC.  You can see the result of my work here

Different components of CI is explained here

I have dropped CLMS and CLMS key service. I am looking at using
CMAN/configfs for doing the cluster membership part.

Registering new cluster service is explained here.

here also you can drop the CLMS part .

This link explains how to write new cluster service.

A simple example is below


Please follow up at sic-linux-devel lists sourceforge net

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