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Re: [NFS] [Linux-cluster] [RFC] NLM lock failover admin interface

Madhan P wrote:

For what it's worth, would second this approach of using a flag to
unexport and associating the cleanup with that.

Happy to have another vote :)  !  It is appreicated.

Another quick hack we
used was to store the NSM entries on a standard location on the
respective exported filesystem, so that notification is sent once the
filesystem comes back online on the destination server and is exported
again.  BTW, this was not on Linux. It was a  simple solution providing
the necessary active/active and active/passive cluster support.

Lon Hohberge (from our cluster suite team) has been working on similar setup too (to structure the MSM file directory). We'll submit the associated kernel patch when it is ready ("rpc.statd -H" needs some bandaids). Future reviews and comments are also appreciated.

-- Wendy

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