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Re: [Linux-cluster] Postgresql under RHCS4

Devrim GUNDUZ wrote:


On Mon, 22 May 2006, carlopmart wrote:

No Devrim, I mean which can be the best form to setup replication between master and slave ... and when master goes down, if I put data on slave how can I update master node.

You don't need a replication system there. Use an SAN :)

Here is the schema:

+-------+ +-------+
|Master | |Slave |
| | | |
|Node | |Node |
+-------+ +-------+
| |
| |
| SAN or NAS |
| |

You will install just operating system,PostgreSQL binaries and Cluster tools to both Master and Slave nodes. All $PGDATA will reside in the storage.

If master node goes down, Slave node will mount $PGDATA and continue working. When master node is up, slave will umount $PGDATA, stop its postmaster and will trigger master node and start its postmaster so that data will not be corrupted.

And now we have a SPOF - SAN or NAS... how to get beyond that?

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