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Re: [Linux-cluster] Postgresql under RHCS4

> >
> > You don't need a replication system there. Use an SAN :)
> >
> And now we have a SPOF - SAN or NAS... how to get beyond that?
> >
If you do not have or want a SAN, you can investigate one of the replicated file 
systems or block devices. Here are some:

- Radiant Data PeerFS (we had a customer running this but had too many 
problems and had to disable it.)

- NetVault Replicator (http://www.bakbone.com/products/replication/) - 
looks pretty good, but havent tried it myself. They even have a whitepaper 
on using Replicator with GFS on the above page.

- DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device) - www.drdb.org
and with commercial support at http://www.linbit.com/linhac_drbd.html?L=1
They are my preferred choice (based on a hands-off evaluation) since they are 
OSS, but the documentation is not quite there yet, relative to the other 

If anyone has had good/bad experiences with these or any other replicated
block devices / file systems, myself (and I am sure the original author)  
would like to hear them. I have a significant number of smaller customers
who want HA and RHCS, but a SAN is just not a cost-effective option in 
those environments.


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