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[Linux-cluster] New Mailing List: cluster-devel

Hi Cluster People,

Lately, a few of us have been sending cluster development patches and such
to linux-cluster for things like gfs2. We recently decided this was too much "noise" for this mailing list. Still, we wanted to keep everyone here informed and in the development loop so everyone has a chance to contribute and participate. So we created a new public mailing list called "cluster-devel". You can subscribe to cluster-devel from this web page:


All CVS commit messages are automatically sent there and they contain a diff of the changes, and that makes it easier to see the changes and comment on them.

I encourage everyone to subscribe to the new cluster-devel mailing list, so you can submit patches, make suggestions, read about the latest development efforts, tell us where we fall short, or stay informed regarding cluster development issues.

I'll still use linux-cluster as an open forum for general discussion and solving clustering issues and problems, but I'll try to move my development issues over to cluster-devel.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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