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Re: [NFS] [Linux-cluster] Re: [RFC] NLM lock failover admin interface

this discusion has centered around removing the locks of an export.
we also want the interface to ge able to remove the locks owned by a single 
client. this is needed to enable client migration between replica's or between 
nodes in a cluster file system. it is not acceptable to place an entire export 
in grace just to move a small number of clients.


wcheng redhat com said:
> On Wed, 2006-06-14 at 02:54 -0400, Wendy Cheng wrote:
> Assume we still have this on the table.... Could I expect the admin
> interface goes thru rpc.lockd command (man page and nfs-util code
> changes) ? The modified command will take similar options as rpc.statd;
> more specifically, the -n, -o, and -p (see "man rpc.statd"). To pass the
> individual IP (socket address) to kernel, we'll need nfsctl with struct
> nfsctl_svc modified.
> I want to make sure people catch this. Here we're talking about NFS system
> call interface changes. We need either a new NFS syscall or altering the
> existing nfsctl_svc structure.

> -- Wendy

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