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Re: [Linux-cluster] partitioning of filesystems in cluster nodes

RR wrote:

Hello all,

Is there a particular manner I should partition the local filesystems of each of the cluster nodes to support the Cluster Suite w/GFS or it doesn't matter? My specific requirement is that I may or may not be able to change the location where this specific application writes data. And I need that directory/filesystem that this data is written to, e.g. /var/spool to be accessible on my iSCSI SAN by all the cluster nodes. The answer could be very simple but want to double check.



Hi RR,

For your the local root partitions on the individual nodes, it's probably best to use ext3. On the SAN, use GFS and Red Hat Cluster Suite. Then perhaps you can create a symlink from your local node's mount point to the SAN, e.g. from /mnt/gfs_san/var/spool to its local /var/spool.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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