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Re: [Linux-cluster] partitioning of filesystems in cluster nodes

Where have you gotten these ideas? LVM and software raid are not mutually exclusive with GFS. Your local disks can easily have LVM volumes and use software (or hardware) RAID, no problem. Unless you're trying to export local disks as GFS volumes via GNDB (which I can't speak to, have never done that), there shouldn't be any restrictions on how you can configure the local disks. If you want certain portions of the local filesystem(s) to be located on the SAN instead, it's as simple as a symlink (as Bob indicated).


RR wrote:
Thanks Bob, that was my thought as well but just wasn't sure if that was the
best way to implement partitioning. I suppose I'm still a bit not comfy with
GFS considering I've never seen it in action but should do in a few days
time, as I'm starting to set up the cluster suite and GFS now.
I'm assuming I still cannot use Logical Volumes on the cluster nodes while
the nodes are being used within a cluster in conjunction with GFS? How do
people provide for RAID1 type redundancy against system boot-disk failure
for each of their cluster nodes if I can't setup software raid for these
nodes? Do I run a cron job to sync up the two drives within the system so in
case of a drive failure, I can at least boot the system using the secondary


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Hi RR,

For your the local root partitions on the individual nodes, it's probably
best to use ext3.
On the SAN, use GFS and Red Hat Cluster Suite.  Then perhaps you can create
a symlink from your local node's mount point to the SAN, e.g. from
/mnt/gfs_san/var/spool to its local /var/spool.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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