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[Linux-cluster] MySQL + RH Cluster Suite + GFS

Hello, I´d like to make you some questions about or new enterprise database production systems, which should be in production state in about 2 or 3 days. Yes, I´know this is not too much time to deploy a good and definitive HA solution, but I´d like to try making the best possible.
We´ve tried a MySQL with RedHat Cluster Suite H/A solution, but we have very
bad results in the H/A tests.
We use a iSCSI LUN per node with ext3 FS and a HP iLO as fence device, and I
think that these poor results are related with these two components: ext3
formated HD device and a disfunction in the fenced daemon with the HP iLO

So, I´ve readed in some whitepapers about solutions based on MySQL + RedHat
Cluster Suite + GFS.
And the question is: Do you think we sould use GFS instead Ext3 FS?
Do you have any information about this kind of solution? Is stable enougth
solution  for production enviroments? and ¿what about the performance
results using GFS? will we loose performance?

We have only 2 days to deploy a final H/A solution and your opinion is very
important to us.

Than you very very much.

Eloy Acosta  Toscano
FON Technology

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