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Re: [Linux-cluster] partitioning of filesystems in cluster nodes

RR wrote:
Ok thanks. Got it! So I'm assuming then the order of configuration would be
the following?

- Configure the iSCSI SAN with whatever volumes I need to make available to
my cluster nodes
- Connect up my GigE NICs to the SAN via isolated network switches
- Install RHEL on all my cluster nodes
- Install the iSCSI initiator on each of each of my nodes and configure
iscsi.conf, start the iscsi service such that I can see these volumes on the
- Install/Configure CSGFS on each of my cluster nodes with whatever fencing
and lock management scheme I want to go with (I have the WTI power switches
+ each server has an RSA II card in it, so I'll probably go with the RSAs)
- Start the cluster daemons and GFS service.
- use gfs_mkfs to create my filesystems on the shared volumes on the iSCSI
- Mount these filesystems on each of the node

 And I'm done?

Please could someone verify this order of things. I'm trying to read these
cluster suite manuals and it's humongous and it talks about so much stuff
that it all sounds WAY more complicated than I would've thought about from
just common sense. So I'm trying to get it into the basic core steps.
Anything I'm missing? Or any gotchas anyone can think of?

Thank you all esp. Bowie, Greg and Bob for responding so far.

Kind Regards,
Hi RR,

I agree there's a lot of information to pour through, and it can seem overwhelming. Earlier this year, I wrote an "NFS/GFS Cookbook" that I'm still working on, and because it gives lots of example commands and walks through setting up a cluster from start to finish, it might be easier to go from that rather than the manuals. It doesn't deal specifically with the RAID or iSCSI issues, but it does contain the basics about setting up a cluster and it's shorter than the manuals. It can be found here:


It's not an officially sanctioned Red Hat document. Yet. As I said, it's got some problems, and I'm working to correct those, but it's better than nothing. I hope this helps.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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