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Re: [Linux-cluster] Oracle 9i RAC and GFS 6.1

Adel Ben Zarrouk wrote:
Dear All,

please Can someone clarify the below questions:

-What kind of lock method supported by Oracle 9i RAC (DLM or GULM) or doesn't need any lock daemon?
If you're going to use GFS for your data, you need a lock daemon. I recommend DLM because GULM is old-school and may not be supported in future versions of Cluster Suite.
-Installation of Cluster Suite should be installed before the GFS or After?
I consider GFS to be part of Cluster Suite, so installed at the same time.
-What is the purpose of the Cluster Manager, it is just for fencing or for other things ?
Cluster Manager is the part of Cluster Suite that handles cluster communications. It maintains a "heartbeat" to inform all nodes in the cluster that the node is still running, and it also takes care of internal messages regarding the joining and leaving of nodes
in the cluster.
-If the customer have any kind of support regarding Oracle or GFS, he must get back to Oracle Inc. or Redhat Inc.
It depends on the error.  People can usually look at what's in the syslog
(/var/log/messages) to determine if error messages are coming from Oracle or
some part of the Cluster Suite.
-There is any TPC-Benchmark for Oracle-Redhat GFS
I don't have experience with this, so I'll let someone else answer this.
-How to perform RHEL and Oracle DB for better performance
There are multiple books and courses dedicated to RHEL and Oracle
performance tuning.  Here's one link that speaks to GFS performance
tuning, and I'm sure there are more:


Thanks a lot for your help.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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