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[Linux-cluster] PVFS, GFS - What do I need for...


im a newbie to clustering and have been browsing docs, irc and subcribed to this list 2 days ago. I think I know now that GFS is not what we need, id like to ask which system would be right for us:

We'll run 2 Linux Servers, one is backup in case the first one fails. im looking into using the heartbeat project for that.
Theyll run


jboss will store lots of pictures on a partition. We want to replicate this partition constantly to the second server, so the jboss of server2 has access to those if it has to take over.
We wont be using a shared storage (right now for cost issues)

so is PVFS doing what we want?

I want the moment I copy a file to that special partition it to be copies to the other server. so both server keep a local partition in sync...

thx for clearing things up for me.

Christophe Zwecker                     mail: doc zwecker de
Hamburg, Germany                        fon: +49 179 3994867

"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away"

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