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R: R: [Linux-cluster] "Missed too many heartbeats" messages andhung cluster


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> Inviato: martedì 27 giugno 2006 11.52
> A: linux clustering
> Oggetto: Re: R: [Linux-cluster] "Missed too many heartbeats" 
> messages andhung cluster
> Leandro Dardini ha scritto:
> > If something happens between the two machine, they fence each other.
> I have configured manual fencing but as I wrote it's not much 
> useful since, I think, requires manual handling which 
> couldn't be possible immediately. Therefore I am looking for 
> a method to let the services run even if such a thing 
> happens. This is not the first time the problem arises, 
> apparently without a reason, though the last time happened 
> long time ago.
> > You can try to "ping" each other and see, when the problem 
> arise, the connectivity state.
> Sometimes the machines are completely locked and it's not 
> even possible to log in. A brute force switch off is 
> necessary in this case. Sometimes looks like only the cluster 
> service is locked and I can regularly ping the other machine 
> though the cluster is not working.

This is really bad. This smells like an hardware problem or buggy kernel driver. Try to stress test the machines individually without cluster support. I usually start with a memtest from a Knoppix CD and then build a kernel for CPU stress. Try to transfer huge chunk of data to test the lan.


> > Maybe a "too much intelligent switch" is handling the 
> traffic and have some sort of "traffic shaping and control".
> There is nothing like that, the two machines are connected by 
> a 1GB crossover cable, not even so long, provided by HP with 
> the two machines.
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