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Re: [Linux-cluster] best csgfs howto not presuming/requiring gui

On 6/27/06, Robert Peterson <rpeterso redhat com> wrote:
Larry Vaden wrote:
> The RH documentation apparently presumes/requires the use of gui/X11.
> What's the best howto if one chooses not to use gui/X11 on the servers
> to be clustered?
> Kind regards,
> Larry Vaden
> Internet Texoma, Inc.
Hi Larry,

I've mentioned this before, but I've got an "NFS/GFS Cookbook" that has
instructions for setting up a cluster using both the GUI or
command-line.  I think it's
more geared toward command-line because I didn't even include
screen-shots of the gui.
It's located here:

http://sources.redhat.com/cluster/doc/nfscookbook.pdf - The Unofficial
NFS/GFS Cookbook.

I don't think I'd call it "the best howto" because I know it needs some
(People have sent me corrections that I haven't had time to implement yet).
It's not even an official Red Hat document, but I've been trying to push
it that
direction.  I hope this helps.

And of course, if you have corrections, please send them my way and I'll
get time to implement them.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

Hi Bob,

I think I'll break list netiquette and thank you for your work and for
the clue(s).

Has GULM been more or less officially deprecated in favor of DLM?

Any other gotchas for late adopters?


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