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RE: [Linux-cluster] Equivalent to RHCS?

It's all Open Source. Redhat is only obligated to make the source code available (whether that's through CVS, tarballs or SRPMs.) Purchasing a license entitles you to get support from Redhat (via phone, web or email) and allows you to download binary RPMs and get compiled updates via up2date from their servers.
Without a license, you have to build the software yourself or get RPMs from some place like rpmfind.net, and support is pretty much limited to mailing lists and message forums (where you may not get an answer.)

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I hate to bother you guys with dumb questions, but I’m confused--


Looking at the components, it looks like this project is the core of Red Hat Cluster Suite.  I take it RHCS itself is not open, but its “root” components are?  How does RHCS compare to these open projects?


Thanks in advance.

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