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Re: R: [Linux-cluster] "Missed too many heartbeats" messages and hungcluster

Leandro Dardini ha scritto:

A fencing device is required for granting consistency of write. If one node fails to comunicate with other devices, it can write in an unconditional mode and bye bye to GFS.
A fencing device is not only a power-fence device. In my case it is the fibre channel switch. When a node has to be fenced, other telnet to the fibre channel switch and turn off the port. This doesn't powercycle the device, but blocks the write on the shared device. What kind of shared device are you using?

It's a GFS file system on a disk array. Since I built the cluster for MySQL and ldap services, it's the file system where actually are the database and directory files. The disk array is physically connected to both machines by a SCSI cable.

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