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[Linux-cluster] Using GULM with CLVM


I am having way too much problems with CMAN/DLM on a midsize cluster
(random kernel panics, freezes, random quorum dropping issues, cluster
split view, etc..) and just saw that it was more preferable to use
GULM for mid to large sized clusters and that CMAN wasn't tested on
more than 32 nodes.

Actually, I am using the RedHat Cluster Suite only for CLVM, and some
people are saying that CLVM+GULM is supported but as I can see on the
official 'documentation'  :

http://sourceware.org/cluster/gulm/gulmusage.txt :

'This document does not cover setting up a block device to run on.
Mostly because CLVM doesn't work with gulm yet'

What's the current position on that please ?
Is the documentation outdated ?

Also, my whole infrastructure is totally virtualized (with Xen), and
it is also said that it's better to use GULM on a dedicated computer.
Anyone tried that on a dedicated virtual machine ?
128 or 256 Megs of RAM should be enough or GULM is ressource hungry ?



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