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R: R: [Linux-cluster] "Missed too many heartbeats" messages andhungcluster


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> Inviato: giovedì 29 giugno 2006 9.47
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> Oggetto: Re: R: [Linux-cluster] "Missed too many heartbeats" 
> messages andhungcluster
> Leandro Dardini ha scritto:
> > A fencing device is required for granting consistency of 
> write. If one node fails to comunicate with other devices, it 
> can write in an unconditional mode and bye bye to GFS.
> > A fencing device is not only a power-fence device. In my 
> case it is the fibre channel switch. When a node has to be 
> fenced, other telnet to the fibre channel switch and turn off 
> the port. This doesn't powercycle the device, but blocks the 
> write on the shared device. What kind of shared device are you using?
> It's a GFS file system on a disk array. Since I built the 
> cluster for MySQL and ldap services, it's the file system 
> where actually are the database and directory files. The disk 
> array is physically connected to both machines by a SCSI cable.

Is there a managemente console accessible via telnet/http where you can "disable" a port/host? If this is the case, you have already a fencing device.


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