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[Linux-cluster] Is anybody using MSA 500 G2 with HP Server's



Now it s another problem have started coming up.


Whenever I try to create a partition using mke2fs –j /dev/cciss/c0d0p5


Screen shows that its creating file system on SAN partitions, but in var/log/messages it continuously keeps on showing

      Feb 28 11:08:53 s1_new kernel: cciss: cmd f7400000 timedout

      Feb 28 11:08:54 s1_new kernel: cciss: cmd f7436fb4 timedout

      Feb 28 11:08:54 s1_new kernel: printk: 232 messages suppressed.

      Feb 28 11:08:54 s1_new kernel: Buffer I/O error on device cciss/c0d0p9, logical block 2162845

      Feb 28 11:08:54 s1_new kernel: lost page write due to I/O error on cciss/c0d0p9


If partitions size is small i.e 5 GB it anyway get created using some 20-25 minutes, but if I create large file system than it used to give error , it simply stuck up at “Writing Superblock..” and above messages keeps on coming in /var/log/messages.


If I write any data in partitions, than first few bytes get stored on partitions but later it also shows Buffer I/O error.


I am using one MSA 500 G2 , two no. of HP DL360 G4P server with HP’s HBA 642, Server installed with RHEL 4 ES U1 and RHCS4


Any Help Would be highly appreciable.


With regard

Deval K.

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