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[Linux-cluster] HELP: Newbe on service cluster configuration!

Hi, I'm a Newbe about cluster configuration and I've some problem
understannding how to set up a service in cluster scenario....
For my test I use an nfs partition as shared storage for 2 server in cluster
mode, so this is scenario:

ServerC(nfs export) :  (hostname: san)

Initially I tried to set up a dns in cluster, so I mounted nfs partition as
If I try to run named normally on serverA it works...but when I try to start
named in cluster it failed

I set up a resources as NFS mount with this parameters:

Name: Dns
Mount point: /var/named
Host: san
Export Path: /SAN/DNS

...then I congigured a service with this resource and I attached an Ip
address ( and a script (etc/init.d/named/) as Private Resource.

When I boot the server always I have an Service Failed, but when I check the
logs I find only "clurgmgrd: <err> #43: Service DNS has failed; can not
start." and a "#13: Service DNS failed to stop cleanly"

I suppose that thi is a problem how I configured the service...

Any suggestion??

Thanks in advance!


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