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Re: [Linux-cluster] Httpd Process io blocked

to debug you could use strace. E.g. executing strace -p 14970 will probably 
show you that the process is waiting for a lock. As the ps already does. My 
first guess would be, that you use apache with php and sessions. 

If so, the phplib uses flocks for locking the session-ids. Normally it happens 
that one process locks a session. If another process comes along to get an 
flock on that session it has to wait until the further flock is closed. It 
very often happens that the other process gets that flock when the client and 
session are not available any more. Then the flock is held until the apache 
process timesout. 

We have made a patch for a better locking with php which you can find on 
http:/www.open-sharedroot.org in the downloads section.
Hope that helps
Regards Marc.

On Tuesday 07 March 2006 11:50, Sébastien DIDIER wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running a two-nodes GFS cluster which hosts web sites. The GFS
> partition is over a Iscsi device and by now, i'm using manual fencing.
> Today, I got 5 httpd process on both nodes which got stuck in IO
> blocking state. I suspected a GFS filesystem corruption but I haven't
> got any output from the kernel. I ran a fsck two days ago after a
> power chute.
> Here's the wait state of the process. (idem for the other node)
> # ps -o pid,tt,user,fname,wchan -C apache
>  4426 ?        root     apache   -
> 14970 ?        www-data apache   glock_wait_internal
> 15103 ?        www-data apache   glock_wait_internal
> 16780 ?        www-data apache   glock_wait_internal
> 16959 ?        www-data apache   glock_wait_internal
> 14936 ?        www-data apache   finish_stop
> 12859 ?        www-data apache   -
> 13005 ?        www-data apache   -
> 13311 ?        www-data apache   semtimedop
> 13390 ?        www-data apache   semtimedop
> How can I debug further this problem ? And how can I bring back home
> my httpd processes without a reboot ?
> Many thanks for your help.
> Regards,
> Sébastien DIDIER
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Gruss / Regards,

Marc Grimme
Phone: +49-89 121 409-54
http://www.atix.de/               http://www.open-sharedroot.org/

ATIX - Ges. fuer Informationstechnologie und Consulting mbH
Einsteinstr. 10 - 85716 Unterschleissheim - Germany

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