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Re: [Linux-cluster] Clustering RHEL 4 with EXP400

On Wed, 2006-03-08 at 11:13 +0700, Milis wrote:
> Dear All,
> does any one here have experince to cluster RHEL 4  with 2 IBM x346
> and 1 EXP 400,
> I need to do this for build Oracle10g On Rac, whether I need driver
> for build and startup of this device.
> may I know what I need for this requirement?
> and what should I do to get driver of IBM EXP400 ?
> I've been success install IBM X346 with Raid 1 option on RHEL 4, but I
> really confuse what next to do to show up cluster on EXP400 (whether I
> have no driver for this device to share storage)

It's rather too much to go into on the mailing list.  I first recommend
you google "linux +cluster" for some background information.  You
probably should also join the linux-cluster mailing list for details
on this.  If you purchased the RHEL HA package or GFS system, check
your manuals.

Generally, you need a SAN of some sort to provide the storage
(fiberchannel disk array, iSCSI array, something).  You then need to
install the cluster software and kernel patches, decide on what kind
of device management you need (gulm, dlm, etc.) and fire it up.

As I said, it's too complicated to give you a tutorial on a mailing

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