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Re: [Linux-cluster] Any recommentdations for Oracle on a Netapp filer ?

On Fri, 2006-03-03 at 22:35 -0800, SUVANKAR MOITRA wrote:
> dear lon,
> I have some question about the script and the
> installation :--
> 1> Can i install RHCS4 after install the Oracle 10g?

Yes, but that was not how the document was written.  The major
difference is that you have to manually test everything rather than
using the cluster tools to help you.

e.g. to stop (being consistent with the presented example in the howto,
and assuming all environment vars are set correctly):

   /usr/share/cluster/oracledb.sh stop
   umount /mnt/oracle
   ip addr del dev eth0

or to start the service:

   ip addr add dev eth0
   mount -t ext3 /dev/sdb7 /mnt/oracle
   /usr/share/cluster/oracledb.sh start

If the cluster is set up correctly, this will work on both nodes (note
that you must stop it on one before starting on another).

> 2> The /mnt/oracle mount point is temporary for the
> oracle installation or should  i write on /etc/fstab ?

It is mounted by the cluster when you start the service.  Do not place
it in /etc/fstab, as mounting an ext3 file system on multiple nodes will
cause you to have a corrupt file system *very* quickly!

> etc on .bash_profile of every node or leave it as it
> is only create oracle user and group?

You can, and it will help the testing/debugging phase.  However, it is
not used by the cluster software when starting/stopping Oracle;
everything must be in the cluster configuration.

Don't forget to set ORACLE_HOSTNAME (which is used by the script to
trick Oracle in to using the service IP address/hostname that you set in
Part 2 - step 2), since apparently OUI_HOSTNAME does not seem to work
the way I expected it should.

> 4> Where should i place oracledb.sh file? I think its
> required in every node, am i write ?

Part 1, step 6 (steps to take on all nodes):
Install the oracledb.sh resource agent in to /usr/share/cluster

> 5>What is the exact use of oracledb.sh file?

It is called by the cluster software to start/stop/check status of the
Oracle instance.

Additionally, if you have the environment variables set up correctly, it
will start/stop Oracle outside of the cluster environment, too (just
like a normal initscript...).

> 6> How can i shutdown the oracle, should i write
> script for that, like orastop and orastart for up the
> oracle?

If your environment variables are set correctly and the cluster is not

  /usr/share/cluster/oracledb.sh stop

Once the instance is managed by RHCS (and RHCS is running!), you can use
'clusvcadm' to disable and enable the now failover-capable Oracle
instance, and move it around (see the clusvcadm man page for more

-- Lon

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