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Re: [Linux-cluster] Any recommentdations for Oracle on a Netapp filer ?

On Wed, 2006-03-08 at 21:38 -0800, SUVANKAR MOITRA wrote:
> dear lon,
> I am thankful to u .Its a great opertunity for me to
> take your guidence .I was sucessfully load the oracle
> in virtual ip and the script is runing .But one
> problem is there the script is not runing from cluster
> if i mension the path /usr/share/cluster/oracledb.sh
> start.When i want to run   the oracle i am using the
> following command :- ./oracledb.sh start or stop or
> status etc....
> How can i put the thing in cluster suite?
> Lon can i install oracle rac on rhcs4?Is it possible?
> Because oracle rac using ocfs.

The HOWTO was written to show how to do a single instance Oracle 10g R2
database failover configuration using RHCS4.

RAC is a *very* different operational model.

It has its own notion of membership and quorum, which is redundant with
RHCS.  Oracle 10g RAC should not need RHCS to work properly or fail over
- RAC should handle all of this for you if you have set it up correctly.

Basically, if you have both instances of RAC running, you're done.  You
don't need to make it work with RHCS at all...!

On a side note, I am surprised the oracledb.sh script started RAC
correctly, since it doesn't start ocssd or any of the other Oracle
Clusterware components...

-- Lon

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