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[Linux-cluster] Thank You! Trouble with RHCS 3.0

Greetings Lon,

Thank you very much in pointing me in the correct direct on this! I thought it was a rawdevice issue, but it was network issue with several wrong network settings! Yikes!

We are system testing the cluster now but still have one issue: Sometimes when I stop Cluster Manager service on the member #0, with this command: "service clumanager stop", the system reboots it's self automatically! Do you have any clues why this happens? Thanks!

Warm Regards,
Linux/AIX/Windows System Admin

Lon Hohberger <lhh redhat com> wrote:
On Sun, 2006-03-05 at 22:22 -0800, paul raymond wrote:
> Greetings Lon,

Hi, sorry I'm late responding to this.

> The problem is that I can not get Quorum to start unless I run the
> command "cluforce"! But after viewing clustat c! ommands on systems c11
> and c12, it looks like c11 and c12 cant see each other status due to
> some issue with the raw partitions I believe?

If you're using an IP tiebreaker, they won't be looking for each other
on the shared partitions. The nodes communicate with each other
primarily over the network - if they don't see each other, they will not
form a quorum.

You can try this if you want more detailed information:

# service clumanager stop (on both nodes)
# clumembd -fd (on both nodes)

It will give you all sorts of information, but the most important one
you should be looking for is:

[PID] info: Membership View #1:0x00000001

If you see both nodes, it will show 0x00000003 (it's a bitmap). If the
nodes can't see each other over the network, they will show 1 or 2. If
this happens, you should check your network configuration and
clumanager's settings - you might want to try using broadcast instead of
multicast, etc.

> I am using a Mylex Fiber Channel Box with QLogic 2300 interface
> card! The raw devices are setup on a 2 mirror drives, Raid 1. Can you
> please shed any good ideas what might be wrong here? The vidals are
> below!

Note that for one node to *start* without the other when using an IP
tiebreaker, having to run 'cluforce' is the default behavior. If you
wish to change this, please check the man page for the 'cluforce'
command and the 'cludb' command.

The IP tiebreaker is typically used to *maintain* a quorum after a node
failure, because there are certain network faults in which two nodes may
see the tiebreaker - but not each other.

-- Lon

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