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Re: [Linux-cluster] Few Doubts About "GFS + ISCSI with Multipathing And NIC Bonding"

Thank You Brian,

That i know i already having 5 Enterprise Licence
i mean only about modules.. and stability...

who can help me.. to get all other information...

Yhanks a lot..

On 3/13/06, Brian Long <brilong cisco com> wrote:
On Mon, 2006-03-13 at 18:30 +0530, updatemyself . wrote:
> Hai All,
> I have few questions to ask..
> i already have a setup of GPFS Cluster on SAN with mulipathing (total
> 12 TB Volumes)
> And planning to go for a Another One With GFS + ISCSI with
> Multipathing And NIC Bonding
> So my doubt are about
> 1, Multipathing
> 2, NIC Bonding
> 3, Whats the Option for ISCSI Multipath same as RDAC in SAN
> 4, Comparison of GPFS on SAN and GFS with ISCSI (which is better )
> 5, Is it needed to go for Redhat AS or Fedora Core 4 is enough?


I can answer #5 easily.  Do you require Enterprise-level support for
your implementation or are you just setting this up to play around?  If
you require Enterprise support with a vendor's throat to choke when
something dies, you absolutely need to pursue Red Hat AS or ES.

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