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Re: [Linux-cluster] samba on gfs

hi guys
           iam new to linux cluster suite and gfs iam very eager to learn at present iam having celeron 400 mhz processor and i think within month i will get new system with good configuration how can i implement rhcs and gfs

Birger Wathne <Birger Wathne ift uib no> wrote:
What is the problem with running samba on GFS, and when will it be resolved?
I have seen a hint from lon here that running samba on GFS isn't
possible right now.
I have a 2-node cluster running NFS services from GFS, and would like to
dedicate one node for NFS, the other for samba (running from the same

I guess I could do it by NFS mounting from the NFS node, but that kind
of defeats the purpose of moving the samba services into the cluster...

Btw: T! hese nodes currently have Gb interfaces for the public networks,
but only a 10Mb private network. Is that enough, or should I upgrade the
private network when I start using both nodes actively?


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