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Re: [Linux-cluster] samba on gfs


The short story is that Samba keeps some state information internally.
So there are issues with keeping multiple Samba serves in sync.
The information in question is not synced to the underlying
filesystem, so GFS can't really do the job of keeping this info in
sync between the nodes.

I am sure other people on the list can provide more details of the
problem and status of any progress :-)


On 3/14/06, Birger Wathne <Birger Wathne ift uib no> wrote:
> What is the problem with running samba on GFS, and when will it be resolved?
> I have seen a hint from lon here that running samba on GFS isn't
> possible right now.
> I have a 2-node cluster running NFS services from GFS, and would like to
> dedicate one node for NFS, the other for samba (running from the same
> filesystems).
> I guess I could do it by NFS mounting from the NFS node, but that kind
> of defeats the purpose of moving the samba services into the cluster...
> Btw: These nodes currently have Gb interfaces for the public networks,
> but only a 10Mb private network. Is that enough, or should I upgrade the
> private network when I start using both nodes actively?
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