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[Linux-cluster] rhcs doubts.

Hi guys,

I'm new at redhat cluster suite.  Could Anybody help me in some questions?

1st) I installed rhcs on 2 virtual machines and create a new cluster, setup a manual fence, a failvoer domain, create a IP resource and a service that uses just that IP for tests. Well, I'd like to know how can I force a failover of the service between nodes. This option is not available at system-config-cluster that allow just disable and enable the service. I noticed that the ip service created is not a virtual interface like eth0:1, but it was working because I could ping it, Is it Normal?

2nd) What is the real fuction of a fence device?

3rd) How can I setup a quorum device, and isn't necessary for a failover service? I read that it was needed at rhel3 but at rhel4 is not anymore, could you explain me that.

Any help is welcome :)


Allyson A. Brito

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