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RE: [Linux-cluster] samba on gfs

I have had problems with samba running on just one node. It works for
a while and then samba just starts locking up.

Not a reccomended path if you ask me.


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> Erling Nygaard wrote:
> > Birger
> > 
> > The short story is that Samba keeps some state information 
> internally.
> > So there are issues with keeping multiple Samba serves in sync.
> > The information in question is not synced to the underlying
> > filesystem, so GFS can't really do the job of keeping this info in
> > sync between the nodes.
> > 
> > I am sure other people on the list can provide more details of the
> > problem and status of any progress :-)
> So... This means there is a problem only when you want to run 
> multiple samba 
> servers in a cluster? There should be no problem sharing the 
> same GFS disk 
> for one samba instance and one NFS instance running on 
> separate nodes (or 
> even on the same node during maintenance)?
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> birger
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