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Re: [Linux-cluster] stress-testing GFS ?

iozone does test for a lot of different access patterns, and can create nice spreadsheets including graphs from the point of view of a single node. It also has a multiple node flag for running it across a cluster. See -+m and -t options. It knows how to use 'rsh' and can also be configured for any other remote execution command by setting the
enviroment variable RSH to say ssh or bpsh.

Don't forget to post your benchmark results to this mailinglist ;-)


Birger Wathne wrote:

I would like to put my cluster through a little controlled hell before declaring it ready for production.

Is there any kind of stress-test/verification procedure to 'certify' shared storage with GFS? Ideally there would be some distributed software that could be run in a cluster to check that the shared storage behaves as expected under all kinds of load. Throughput, concurrent writing, GFS locking, file system locking, etc... Something that could interface with GFS internals to see that everything was 'right' at every step.

Since I have seen nothing about the issue, I assume something like that doesn't exist, so... Any ideas on how to stress test GFS? Homegrown scripts? Known problems with hardware that a test should look for?

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