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Re: [Linux-cluster] Cluster Newbie Questions........

On Wed, 2006-03-15 at 21:33 -0300, Allyson - Listas wrote:

> >1. i am planning to use this cluster to setup a web based application.
> >i saw the example in redhat documentation on how to setup http service
> >in cluster. is it possible to have http and mysql services served by
> >same cluster??
> >
> Yes, just make 2 diferent scripts to a better management.


> >2. can i set them up on the same LUN after i created 2 separate partitions??
> >
> Yes, no problems. Just remember that devices on Linux can change 
> depending on your scsi id, target, lun, etc... to avoid problems I mount 
> filesystems using LABEL and not the device /dev/sdX.

You can also look in to using CLVM for the device names, which will be
consistent cluster-wide.

If using the file system label, just type:


...in the UI instead of "/dev/sda1".

> >3. which lock manager is recommended DLM or GuLM?

DLM for small node counts.

-- Lon

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